Conference program and documentation

The conference program is found here
(An alternative format of the program is found here.)

The Book-of-abstracts is found here (will also be distributed in printed format to all conference delegates).

Conference proceedings
At the conference, all papers are distributed to all delegates (in digital format). An update of the proceedings have been distributed via e-mail, if you have not received this update, please contact .

Electronic publication of conference proceedings
After the conference, all manuscripts, where authors have agreed on an electronical publication, will be published by Linköping University Library in a series for peer-reviewed conference proceedings, Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings (ISSN: 1650-3686, eISSN: 1650-3740) ( The university guarantees the quality of the publication, and will make sure it is available and can be found in the Internet for many, many years ahead. We know that for many participants, this is an appropriate way of publishing their research results.

However, we should clarify, that Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings definitely counts as a true publication. The organization committee has no objections if you also want to send your manuscript for publishing somewhere else (e.g., in a scientific journal), but when doing so, you cannot claim your manuscript – in the current form – is new and has not previously been published. In the end, this is a question of how much you improve your manuscript after the conference, and what policy your intended journal has for accepting manuscripts based on previously published material.

Publication at Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings will be made  August 31st. Papers accepted for the special issue of JRTPM with best papers from the conference will not be included in Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings.

Authors that of some reason want to change their decision about on-line publication should inform us before August 23rd by sending an e-mail to or change directly in EasyChair.

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