Presentation instructions

Please find in the following some instruction for the presentation at RailNorrköping2019:

  • All presentations must be in English. There are no simultaneous translation facilities. Please speak slowly and clearly throughout your presentation to help those who are not native English speakers.
  • A computer and a projector will be available in each session room. It will not be possible to use another computer for the presentation.
  • Each presentation is allocated a 20 minute time slot. Please adhere strictly to this slot. We suggest to plan for a 15 minutes presentation followed by 5 minutes for discussion. Please follow any additional instructions given by your session chairperson.
  • Please be in the session room at least 10 minutes before the scheduled starting time of the session in order to upload your presentation on the available computer, check compatibilty of presentation, and meet the chairperson.
  • Please name the file with your surname and your session-ID (SURNAME_session.pdf).
  • The computers used for presentation will have Microsoft PowerPoint and a pdf-viewer installed for presentation. We recommend all presenters to have a pdf-file as backup, in case of any incomptabilities in versions. Please also check the compatibilty of your presentation on the presenting computer before your presentation
  • No internet connection will be available on the computer used for the presentation to download the presentation from a remote address, so please bring the Pdf file of your presentation on a USB flash drive.