Keynote 3: Jonas Eliasson

Professor Transport systems, Linköping University, Sweden

What is the social value of railway capacity?
Connecting transport economics and railway operations research

The link between transport economics and railway operations analysis is unfortunately rather weak, even if there are notable exceptions of people and studies briding the gap. The aim of this keynote is therefore to illustrate how concepts and methods from transport economics can be useful for railway operations analysis, in particular analyses of capacity and regulations. I argue that the two fields have much to gain from a closer integration. I will do this by discussing three issues: a) timetable assumptions in cost-benefit analysis (CBA) of increased capacity, b) crowding costs in public transport CBA, and c) slot trading between operators in open-access railway markets.

Jonas Eliasson

About Jonas Eliasson:
Jonas Eliasson is visiting professor of transport systems at Linköping university. He was Director of the Stockholm City Transportation Administration 2016-2018 and professor of transport systems analysis at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) 2007-2016.

His research interests focus on transport policy design and evaluation, including areas such as cost-benefit analysis, transport pricing, railway capacity allocation, transport demand modeling, congestion charges, decision making in the transport sector, public and political acceptability of transport policies, and valuations of travel time and reliability.

Prof. Eliasson has a long involvement in analyzing, developing and applying transport policies and appraisal methodologies. He has been engaged as expert advisor to a large number of urban, regional and national governments around the world regarding strategic transportation issues, often involving sustainable transport planning, transport pricing and social and economic appraisal. He directed the design and evaluation of the Stockholm congestion pricing system, in operation since 2006, and has subsequently been heavily involved with its evaluation and redesign, as well as the design and evaluation of the Gothenburg congestion pricing system, in operation since 2013. He has chaired the national committee for analysis of the National Transport Investment Plan, and has been a member of the standing expert advisory board to the National appraisal guidelines committee. He is an elected member of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences, and member of several scientific committees and editorial boards.