Keynote 1: Gunnar Alexandersson

Senior researcher, Stockholm School of Economics
Senior adviser, regulations and international affairs, SJ AB

Railway Market Opening and Organisational Reforms in Sweden

The Swedish railway sector has been in the forefront in Europe when it comes to regulatory reforms, organisational changes and market opening since the late 1980s. This plenary presentation gives an overview of the changes, the various steps in the reform process, and the current organisation. The experience and effects of the reforms (both positive and negative) are presented in terms of a number of developments: infrastructure investments, national and regional demand for rail services, market entry, tenders, prices, punctuality, safety, speed and capacity etc. An overall assessment summarizes the pros and cons and some current issues that remain to be handled.

Gunnar Alexandersson

About Gunnar Alexandersson:
Gunnar Alexandersson is a senior researcher in transport economics at Stockholm School of Economics, with numerous publications in journals, books and reports. His PhD thesis tracked the origin, development and effects of regulatory reforms in the Swedish bus and railway sectors from 1979 and onwards. In 2007-2008 he worked as senior economics policy adviser at the Community of European Railways and Infrastructure Companies in Brussels, dealing with dossiers on e.g. infrastructure charging and the internalisation of external costs of transport. In 2012-2013 he was deputy CEO at the Association of Swedish Train Operating Companies, addressing issues related to regulations and market opening. In May 2013 Gunnar Alexandersson was appointed by the Swedish Government to lead a committee looking into the current and future organisation of the railway sector, resulting in two intermediate reports and one final report. This work was concluded in December 2015. Since September 2016 he holds a part-time position as senior adviser on regulations and international affairs at the Swedish railway operator SJ AB. Following from his role as senior researcher at Stockholm School of Economics, he is a member of the International Steering Committee to the bi-annual International Conference on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport (Thredbo), which he co-organised in Stockholm in 2017. He is also chairing the railway passenger subgroup to the European Commission’s Railway Undertakings Dialogue since November 2018.