Travel to Norrköping


Linköping City Airport (LPI) is a small airport located close to Linköping, 40 km from Norrköping.  LPI offers daily connection to Schipol Amsterdam (with KLM). There are usually taxis waiting outside the terminal building to take you to the Central Station (Resecentrum) where you can catch a local train to Norrköping. You can of course take the taxt direct to Norrköping, which costs about SEK 800: ask for a fixed price before the ride. The taxi company Taxi Kurir provides a shared taxi shuttle for a cheaper price; this service must be pre-booked via Telephone +46 13 150000. See here for more info. (There are no domestic flights to LPI.)

Skavsta Airport (NYO), Nyköping.  Skavsta airport is located close to Nyköping, about 60 km from Norrköping. NYO is primarily operated by lowcost carriers (Ryanair and Wizz air). If you arrive at Skavsta you can catch an airport bus (Flygbuss) that will take you to Norrköping in about 60 minutes. You can buy your ticket at the airport or online in advance, see (There are no domestic flights to NYO.)

Arlanda Airport (ARN), Stockholm,  is the major airport in Sweden. The easiest way to travel from Arlanda to Norrköping is by train. It takes about two-three hours and there are several direct trains every day. Or you can take the Arlanda Express  to Stockholm Central Station and connect from there (perhaps arriving early and visiting the capital of Sweden on your way to Norrköping). For train tickets and timetables around Sweden check out the national carrier SJ (more information under “Trains”).

Bromma Airport, Stockholm. Bromma Airport is a smaller airport in Stockholm. If you arrive there you can take the airport bus (Flygbuss) to the Stockholm City Terminal from where it is easy to catch a train onwards.

Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (CPH), Denmark. Yes Denmark! If you arrive at CPH, you can take a direct train to Norrköping on Sweden’s national train carrier SJ, which takes 4-5 hours. It is also possible to take the frequent commuter train to Malmö train station and catch a train or express bus from there (more information under “Trains”).


Sweden has an extensive railway network and travelling by train can often be the fastest option, depending on your destination. You can check timetables and other travel information on You may also be able to buy your ticket online depending on the type of credit card you hold. You can then print-out your ticket (pdf) or pick it up at vending machines at train stations in Sweden using your booking reference. You can also ask a local convenience store (e.g. Pressbyrån, 7-eleven) to print your ticket in exchange for a small fee. You must buy your ticket before entering the train – you cannot buy a ticket from train personnel!! Those under the age of 26 are eligible for a youth discount at

Especially Norrköping has direct train connections both to Stockholm Arlanda airport (ca 2 h) and Copenhagen Kastrup airport (3,5 h), there are also several options with interchange. Because of the Midsummer holiday, Thursday June 20th is expected to be a very busy day at the railway, and if you are planning to leave Norrköping to get a flight from Stockholm or Copenhagen this day, we recommend you to book your train ticket well in advance!

Getting to the venue/Campus Norrköping

Once in Norrköping, distances are not long. It takes less than 10-15 minute to walk to the conference venue from the railway station or any of the appointed hotels.

Local transports

Local transport in Norrköping is run by ÖstgötaTrafiken, On their website you will find detailed information about tickets and timetables. Note that local buses, trams and trains are cash-free, which means you cannot pay in cash or by credit card on their buses and trains. You will need to purchase a single ticket or invest in a plastic travel card before going on a bus or train.

From Norrköping’s travel centre (Resecentrum), bus 113 will take you to Skvallertorget, where the Campus Norrköping is located.  Bus and tram stops you may exit at include: Väster Tull, Söder Tull, Skvallertorget.

Additional information (Midsummer)

Note that Midsommar Eve is celebrated on Friday the 21st of June. The days before are major travelling days in Sweden and it is recommended to buy train and flight tickets in advance. Further, the traffic is reduced on Friday afternoon.