Submission process and templates

Submission system

In the submission process, the system “Easy chair” is used. Instructions, see below.

Link to submission-page:

Abstract Format

Prospective participants need to specify the type of submission:

  • Type A: Research paper.
  • Type B: Professional paper.

For both types of paper, an extended abstract must be submitted emphasizing the innovativeness of the theoretical research paper (Type A) and/or the relevance of the professional paper (Type B), respectively.

Prospective presenters of contributed papers should submit an extended abstract. The extended abstract should
(i)   state clearly the problem and objectives,
(ii)  review briefly some related key literature,
(iii) describe the innovativeness of the methodology,
(iv) outline the kind and source of data used,
(v) value the scientific and/or practical relevance of the findings.
(vi) list a maximum of 10 key references.
The extended abstract should contain a minimum of 750 words and a maximum of 2000 words, including up to 10 key references.

The extended abstracts should preferably use the same document template as the full paper submissions, see below.

Please submit the abstract before October 15th, 2018. Any abstract received after that date will be rejected. 

Submission window for abstracts is extended until Sunday October 21st 2018. (Closure time: 24:00 CET with daylight savings adjustment.)

Full paper format

Each paper must be submitted as a single PDF file, and it must be in accordance with the template for MS Word or the style file of the LaTeX2e typesetting system which is listed below:

Please do not use compatible word processors such as Google Docs, iWork Pages, or OpenOffice Writer. Also, please do not protect a PDF file to be submitted.

Each (conditionally) accepted abstract should be updated and written in the abstract section of the corresponding paper to be submitted. As part of the full paper submission the length of the revised definitive abstract must be reduced to a maximum of 250 words. The title, the author(s) and affiliation(s), the abstract, and the keywords of each accepted (and presented) paper will also appear in the Book of Abstracts. The full papers will be published on the web by Linköping University Electronic Press (subject to the publication acceptance of the authors in the submission process).

Any research paper (Type A) should not exceed 20 pages, including a list of references.
The professional papers (Type B) should not exceed 10 pages.

Please submit the full paper (of accepted abstracts) before January 28th, 2019.  

Submission instructions for authors

Submissions are handled via the conference management system Easychair and in order to submit your paper to the conference, please follow the steps below:

  • The URL of the submission web page is
  • To submit a paper you have to log in at the submission web page, and if you don’t have an Easychair account since earlier you will have to sign up for a new account.
  • Once you have logged in at Easychair, submit your paper by clicking on the link enter as an author in the main view and fill in the submission form on the next page.


View, update, or withdraw a submission

  • If you would like to view, update, or withdraw a submission, please log in at and click the link enter as an author.
  • In the top menu of the new page, hoover at My submissions and click on the submission that you would like to open.
  • Updates or withdrawal is done using one of the links in the rightmost menu (i.e. a grey shaded area) in the main field of the new page.
  • Please notice that updates will not be possible during the review periods (i.e. during the periods 2018-10-15 – 2018-11-22 and 2019-02-03 – 2019-03-24), or after the deadline  of the final paper submission (i.e. 2019-04-15).

Full paper submission (closes Feb 2 at 23:59 CET, 2019)

  • Open the submission as described above and click on the link Add file in the rightmost menue. The full paper may be submitted from 2018-11-23 to 2019-01-28 2019-02-02 23:59 Central European Time.
  • In order to submit a full paper it is required that an extended abstract has been submitted and that it has been accepted for full paper.