Photos and media

A photo collection from RailNorrköping 2019 is found here.
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Photographers: Anders Lindahl, Martin Joborn, Charlotte Eriksson, Jennifer Warg, Ismail Sahin, Magnus Backman, Norio Tomii.

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RailNorrköping in media:

Radio: Morgon in P4 Östergötland 2019-06-17 (Anders Peterson):

Radio Sweden [in English] 2019-06-17 (Anders Peterson, Ambra Toletti, SBB):

Radio: Eftermiddag in P4 Östergötland 2019-06-17 (Sara Gestrelius):

TV (local): SVT Östnytt 2019-06-18 (Christiane Schmidt):

TV (national and local): SVT Östnytt/SVT Rapport 2019-06-18 (Johan Högdahl):

Newspaper: Norrköpings tidningar/Östgötacorrespondenten [same article but different headings] 2019-06-20 (Emma Solinen, Norio Tomii):

Newspaper/web: Aftonbladet [Pretty funny article about the “250 railway nerds” that went to Hallsberg.] 2019-06-20 (Martin Joborn and more persons):–vill-losa-tagkaoset (Article is behind payment wall, please contact conference if you want to read.)